About us

Who we are?

    We are the first broker of 3rd party data in Poland. Owing to advanced technology, we provide data about the users to:

  • RTB platforms
  • traditional display campaigns (desktop, mobile)
  • e-mailing campaigns

DataExchanger is part of an innovative KnowledgeHub fund, which supports 23 companies operating in the field of Digital Marketing. The support of fund allows us to continuously improve the competence of the team and the dynamic development of our offer.

Why us?

We have many years of experience in data management, as well as the execution of the campaign based on the data. We have information on the demographics, interests and purchase intentions from over 90% of Polish Internet users. This ensures an excellent reach of your audience group.

Our mission

In the first place, we put users and their safety. It concerns both, our data and activities related to the processing and use of them in our clients’ campaigns. Cooperation with us is a guarantee of fairly and carefully carried out campaigns. Data Exchanger experts are here for you, willing to help in any case, 24/7.